Cretan Diet Festival 2016

Taste Crete!

Don't miss the tastes and the music and the dance of this Rethymno Cretan Diet Festival.

Here's the program:


Friday 1 July 2016: Start of the exhibition and the festival

Saturday 2 July 2016: Symposion, Wine and love, Music of Dimitris Marambis, Poems from Homer to Kavafis & Kazantakis.

Sunday 3 July 2016: The famous pastry chef Dionysios Alertas presents his creations & then music concert of Maravegias

Monday 4 July 2016: Cooking for you by famous cooks & then concert with Hainides

Tuesday 5 July 2016: Cretan flora presentation & then concert with Sbaraquack

Wednesday 6 July 2016: Taste & civilization & then local traditional music concert and local dances

Thursday 7 July 2016: Ilias Mamalakis presents Cretan diet in his own way and then music concert with Vassilis Skoulas


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