A vivid folklore museum, full of history & passion

One mans passion turned into folklore heritage

Folklore museum, Asteri, Rethymno, Crete

In Asteri village, just a few minutes drive from Rethymno town, you have the opportunity to visit a really vivid folklore museum, all setup by the passion of its owner.

George Polioudakis is a man with passion for tradition and is determined to rescue the history of his family and his village. From an early age he started collecting objects of traditional culture as well as old household equipment of the local culture. Many of these unique items were discarded as useless because -unfortunately- some people could not appreciate the treasures they held. So, the inspirator of the museum managed to preserve unique museum pieces. Thus, his decision to create an ark of history and culture, a folklore museum took shape.

The area that accommodates the museum is the family home, which passes on from generation to generation to the firstborn son and is located in the center of the village. Visitors have the opportunity to see how life was organised in the late 19th century, in a traditional Cretan house. It is there, that all these unique pieces collected by George Polioudakis are exhibited. Pieces collected with love in order to highlight local history, to hold live some childhood memories and to share through history exhibits how locals lived during the last century.

A very beautiful villa awaits for you in this very village of Asteri that haw a superb traditional tavern, mini market and of course the museum.

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