A green oasis in Rethymno

The old, deserted village of Myli in the gorge

Myli gorge, rethymnon

Just half an hour from Rethymno or 5 minutes from Roussospiti village you can find this lush green, almost tropical paradise of Myli gorge and it's deserted village.

Myli gorge, rethymnon

The village is a collection of scattered ruin buildings that was obviously once a thriving area complete with many water mills. There is a beautiful environment with trees and flora that has taken over, so everywhere is an adventure. At the top of the Myli gorge itself, and what an amazing place, it feels like you have just stepped into unknown land, a babbling brook and giant palms. Handmade bridges and jungle vines, complete with hidden, crystal clear rock pools, with a plethora of flora and fauna. There are magnificent views down the valley to the sea of Rythemnon, there's adventure and beauty everywhere, if you like flora and fauna, we watched tropical butterflies, mayflies, dragon flies and the almost deafening sound of the local chirping crickets everywhere that will turn your visit and hike to an unforgetable experience.
Check this extraordinary luxurious villa in the nearby village of Roussospiti and start your summer exploration.

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